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WHY do we end up where we are?

For me, it was a childhood filled with tents and campfires, followed by a stint in the armed forces that kickstarted a lifelong love of the outdoors.

for my wife and soul mate, it was a similar childhood, a love of nature and her sense of adventure that helped to bring her to where she was meant to be. 

thankfully, our paths crossed along the way and our children were able to grow up in an environment where the simple things in life are valued. their appreciation for nature and the outdoors made the decision to relocate from the tarmac of essex to the lush greenery of shropshire in 2016 very easy.


leaving friends and family behind was difficult, but The benefits of being closer to the forests, mountains, rivers and beaches that we love have been incredible. climbing mountains and swimming in lakes isn't something we got to do very much in the south east!


new jobs were just the start. we've watched our children flourish in the years since, we've traded at events, started a university degree and organised a new event for the area. it's been a busy few years.

so, why do we end up where we are? i have no idea. but if we're lucky, we end up where we deserve to be... happy, healthy and home. if you've ever considered making a new life for yourself somewhere more 'you,' i can only say take the plunge. it's worth it.

we hope you enjoy the site!

The mays.

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