animal tendencies

i started watching bushcraft and survival videos on youtube back in 2010. when i saw everyday people sharing their passion for the outdoors with an online community that 'got it,' I was instantly hooked. i quickly realised that i wanted in on the action and started to learn basic video editing so I could share my experiences too. it turned out to be the finest online community i could've hoped to join, with some of the most friendly, enlightening and generous people that i've had the good fortune to meet! My wife and i have a joke... The bushcraft community is probably the only place you'd agree to meet someone you hardly know in a dark wood, knowing that they're bringing knives and flammable liquids with them!

As far as my channel goes, I'm an 'as and when' uploader, so if regular, scheduled content is what you're after, you probably won't get it here. for example; for 2 years i

uploaded nothing and pretty much dropped off the grid because i was working on other things, but one year i uploaded 21 videos. when i do upload though, i try to make sure it's a trip or a project that's interesting and entertaining enough to make it worth your time!

So, If you like wild camping... if you like projects and kit modifications... or if you simply can't get out to the woods and fancy tagging along with me... just click on the youtube button below!

animal tendencies;

get up, get packed, get out there...

Because the outdoors isn't going to come to you.

All the best,


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