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Welcome to FSC preston montford, a haven of environmental education excellence set in acres of woodland and bordered by a beautiful stretch of the river severn! Our venue's a bit of a cracker and when you visit, you'll understand why a few guidelines aren't the worst thing to ensure that it stays that way. No one likes overbearing rules, but i'm sure you'll agree that what's outlined below is fair and for the benefit of the venue, the event and our visitors. 

1 - fires are allowed, but must be off ground and contained to protect the grassed areas. Firewood will be available to purchase, but please feel free to bring your own, so long as it’s free of pollutants such as paint, varnish or oil.

2 - Although there are piles of wood all around the venue, they are not for fuel or woodcraft; they are habitats for the abundance of wildlife that makes FSC preston montford its home.

3 - The Shropshire Outdoor Show promotes protection of the environment, operates a leave no trace policy and encourages all of our Traders, demonstrators and patrons to do the same. there are bins throughout the grounds and rubbish bags will be issued to plot holders on arrival, but we also respectfully ask that you keep your corner of the venue free of litter.

4 - there is a large fish and water fowl community living in, on and around the nearby waterways. we know this is a bushcraft, survival and outdoor pursuits event, but they are friends, not food!

5 - Well behaved dogs are welcome on site, but please keep them on leads as there may be members of the public who aren’t comfortable with packs of post-apocalyptic scavenger hounds stealing their bacon rolls and licking their children’s ice creams! Dog waste is obviously the responsibility of the owner. Don’t be shy… pick it up! (Whilst fun, hosing down members of the public is not on our event To Do list.)

6 - Public liability insurance is required for ALL Traders and Demonstrators. (The organiser uses and recommends C.M.T.I.A. for public and product liability insurance @ £59 per annum.

7 - Access to the site for setting up is from 12.00pm on the Friday before the show, but it's a friendly, intimate venue with excellent access so turning up early won't mean being turned away! A fresh water supply and toilets will be available upon arrival and throughout the event.

8 - There is to be no vehicular movement during show hours, but is allowed after the show ends at 5.00pm each day.

9 - After the show ends on the Sunday, you have the opportunity to stay an additional night and break camp on Monday morning, but must have vacated the site by 12.00pm.

that's it. fair, isn't it?


FSC preston montford